SCOA supports sponsored bill, A10809

by | Jul 16, 2020 | Updates

After lengthy discussions with Assemblymember Jonathan Jacobson about his proposed legislation, we are firmly and proudly in full support of his sponsored bill, A10809.  This proposed legislation would require the NYS Department of Health to develop rules for all courts in New York State to protect court employees and the general public from COVID-19. This is more than welcome from an elected official as many have abandoned the men and women who courageously serve the public and the justice system especially as we have carried it through months of a global health emergency.It is further affirmation that the concerns and issues we have continually raised about our employers inability to properly resume operations have not been made out of thin air. Many share our feelings that the publicized claims of preparedness in the courts and the realities of daily work do not match up as each of you

have seen first hand. We will wholeheartedly support this measure and others like it and we will ask you to assist in that effort moving forward.