Results of Vacation Sweepstakes

by | Dec 15, 2015 | Updates

Results of Vacation Sweepstakes drawn at last night’s SCOA delegate meeting listed below. Thank you to everyone who participated and Congratulations to all the winners.

Grand prize- Trip to the Atlantis Resort, Bahamas

Winner- Richard Rodriguez, Retiree

Second prize- $2,500

Winner- Major Ernest Owens, Qns Supreme

Third prize- $1,000

Winner- CO Francis Mediate, 320 Jay St.

Fourth prize- $500

Winner- Dave Fliegelman, Retiree

Fifth prize- $250

Winner- Sgt. Jill Cannon, 320 Jay St.

Sixth prize- $150

Winner- Sgt. Laura Loud, 111 Centre St.

Seventh-Tenth prizes- $100

Winners- Michael Martino, Robert Patelli, Jay Esserman and Salvatore Guardino who are all retirees.