Message from SCOA

by | Mar 22, 2020 | Updates

SCOA is here for you during this emergency. We thank all of the Officers who helped operate the system last week.  We are advocating for the closure of more buildings and shrinking the workforce down even further to help slow the spread. When we have further information on this it will be posted on our social media outlets and notification made to every delegate via email. Your delegate should be relaying information to everyone in the command. Remember the guide from the CDC that was posted last week on our social media outlets. It states that if you have contact with someone with a positive COVID-19 test you must practice mandatory precautionary quarantine. Please notify operations of any situation at all that could help spread the virus.

Please continue to follow the instructions at your assigned court.  Schedules and staffing are subject to change. Please make certain you wear the personal protective equipment; gloves and masks are critical. Obviously, let us know of any unusual activities or situations.  Our phone lines and emails are open and we will do our best to continue to serve the membership through these awful times. God bless you and your families.