Information from Union’s conference call with management

by | Aug 28, 2020 | Updates

Today on a conference call all court unions were informed of the governor’s informing the court system of the necessity of a 10% budget cut. This is to be spread across all facets of the agency’s budget. We were assured that the 2% raise duly negotiated in the current CBA is still in the agency’s financial plan and as per the 2020 budget process will be re-examined at the beginning of October.  This process is currently under grievance by every Union in the state.  The dire fiscal situation of state bankruptcy is putting very difficult decisions on deck regarding how to achieve these cuts and also pay the raises.  This discussion was distressing yet preliminary. No decisions on where to make the cuts have been made yet but they also are not in the distant future.  From the start of the COVID-19 emergency this is the first occasion where staffing cuts have been mentioned.  There is still not any determination being finalized but extremely serious conversations and options are beginning to be discussed with the Unions. This communication is not meant to spread fear nor rumor. These are real facts and must be shared with our membership. As the next few weeks commence, more information will become available about this most important ongoing conversation.  As always, please do not spread disinformation about this topic and act only on what is communicated directly from the SCOA Executive Board.  Most important to note is that  decisions on what options are undoubtedly  taken lie in the membership’s hands via a membership wide vote for a decision on how to proceed.  All information regarding this will be emailed to each member and posted on our website.