Court Officer Frank Rosa’s Killer caught

by | Oct 28, 2005 | Press


Cops bust man sought in slay case


An 18-month hunt for the alleged killer of a Yonkers court officer ended last night with the arrest of a reputed drug dealer on a Brooklyn street corner, police said.

Cops busted Moises Valerio, 30, at Weirfield St. and Central Ave. in Bushwick after tipsters said he might be staying in a hotel near there.

Valerio was charged with second-degree murder in the Queens killing of Francisco Rosa, 32, in May 2004. Rosa had been moonlighting as a bouncer at a Woodside topless bar, the Phenomenon Sports Cabaret, when he was gunned down.

Valerio had been tossed out of the club after allegedly groping a stripper.

The Daily News alerted New Yorkers to be on the lookout for Valerio a few months ago in a story on the NYPD’s top 10 most wanted criminals.

Alison Gendar