2% raise update

by | Apr 9, 2020 | Updates

Today it was confirmed that over 100,000 NYS employees including our membership will have their duly negotiated 2% raises withheld until at least July 1, 2020. This is a disgusting violation of the sacred collective bargaining process due to Union members statewide

In particular, OCA should be ashamed of themselves for treating employees that they like to refer to as family as anything but. Everyone of us should be outraged with this news and the idea that we are valued as employees. Most especially, because this money was allocated in the budget and only applies to base pay and not bonuses and other payments. Any delay is unacceptable and legal avenues are being explored.

The notion of essentiality has been raised often in the past four weeks and we have once again risen to the challenge of keeping our courts operational. As now and ever before; the system leaned on us to maintain its public face. The thanks and appreciation all ring hollow as our gutless employers use us as a toilet once again. When everyone stops worshipping Governor Cuomo for his daily television show, they should all realize the level of contempt he has for those who will be here long after he is and return that contempt tenfold